My Outdoor Space Decor – Pool Area

My husband got a pool for the kids. You know, those large easy set up, weirdly rounded pools. Yeah, so I set it up with the kids (nearly fainted from the heat :/) and it took 2.5 hours to fill. And they’ve been having a blast in it ever since.20130624-133309.jpg
We set it up on the concrete so it won’t leave a huge round area of dead grass in our yard.

We had just cut the grass, so their feet were full of grass clippings, I left a bucket of water and a stool for them to rinse their feet and hop in the pool. They still manage somehow to get it dirty in there, so I’m on fishing duty the whole time.


I also hung up some hooks for them to hang stuff up, I hate seeing towels on the floor.


So now that most of our day is spent outside, the area surrounding the pool wasn’t that comfortable or appealing to sit for long. So I spruced it up a bit.

We got the sectionals from the same auction I get most of my amazon inventory from. Can’t beat $119 for both. The only problem was that they came with the wrong cushions. and they are weirdly measured. One is long and narrow, other is short and deep.

So I tried to find some cushions that would work but it was so hard. At the end I used regular chair cushions I found on sale at Walmart, and a chaise lounge chair cushion for the other one.

Cute red and green fluffy pillows to match.


See the white wall thingy? My dad helped set it up as a privacy fence and I will be planted some of those pretty flower climbing plants to cover that whole side of the house.

We have the grill right next to us as well for easy access.


I think it looks good for now, the outdoor rug pulls it together and it added much needed color and it’s more comfy to sit and watch the kids swim in the pool. I might add a few touches later but we will see.

Where else would I be able to find ready made outdoor cushions? I kinda wanted the thicker ones, but whatever works…


The Wedding Diaries – Part 2 – shopping in Egypt

Day 2

I slept for many many hours, but on and off. I went to bed around 10:30pm (something the local people here never do, they stay up very late) and woke up every other hour til 8am. I even took a sleeping pill that didn’t work, thanks for nothing Walgreens.

I was wide awake with no Internet or anything to do so I started sorting my luggage, then went back to sleep, and slept til 1pm. Then we ate breakfast.

Then I went back to sleep til 4pm. I know right? All I do is sleep now.

We went to a marketplace called el Husain. Very nice stuff but very busy and crowded.

I snapped some pics for your entertainment.









Found the Egyptian equivalent of iHop


Bought a silver ring for my hubs, ssshhhh don’t tell him.


My dad was interested in this little coffee thingy.


Oh, and I found this amusing hehe


Drank some famous sugar cane juice, and ate some grilled chicken.

Tomorow we head to the Gaza border.
Time to snooze.

The wedding diaries… Part 1- arrival to Egypt

Hi, I just arrived in Cairo Egypt. Say what??? How did I end up here and where am I going?? And most importantly, where are my kids?????

Yup, I travelled halfway across the globe with no kids or husband. Just my dad. It was one hell of an emotional ride, but I’m still alive. Not sure how people do this all the time, because it’s not easy.

My younger brother is getting married in Gaza, Palestine. It would be very costly for my whole family to travel for only a week or two to attend the wedding, so we decided it would be best if I go alone.

So here I am in Egypt. Will be traveling by car to the Gaza/rafah border on Saturday Inshallah (god willing).

Oh btw, Internet here sucks.
and this is the view from my window
To be continued….


Boot Camp – Taking a break


Obviously you can tell from the past few days, I’ve been struggling with eating clean and exercising. A lot had been going on physically and mentally that is stressing me out and I have decided to take a break from documenting. I have a trip overseas coming up on May 29th, and lots to prepare for that.

If I feel like I will be able to continue, I will go back to documenting again. Thanks for reading my journey for the past month 🙂

Boot Camp week 4 day 5


Worst day in a looooong time.
Had a couple nightmares then woke up to bad news, then more bad news…

Didn’t eat much.

11am cup of tea
4 leftover Pringles chips found in the car. It was an all day commute and I was too stressed to even think about food.
Moussaka: eggplant in tomato sauce with ground beef. No cheese.

3 oranges

No workout other than stressed out nerves and driving all over the place.

When will it end??

Boot Camp Week 4 day 4

Been very tired lately, preparations for overseas travel to palestine, wedding preps, kids graduations, kids doctors visits, and lots of shopping.

Very hard to focus on healthy eating when you are running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Went for a walk around the block with hubby first thing in the morning

9am we had breakfast. Fried eggs, wheat pita, cheese, za’atar, tomatoes.

11:30 made a iced chai at home. I’m sugar it has tons of sugar cuz it was super sweet. it was a premade powder mix. I was so hot and in a rush I didn’t really think about what’s in it.

2:00pm at the kids graduation
Had a piece of cake. I mean like what kind of proud mother would I be if I didn’t have some of the graduation cake?


5pm dinner time
Roasted chicken with salad. And leftover pasta (yes for the third night in a row)


Hubs took us all to the local ice cream place.
I broke down and got a hazelnut flavored thing. Was nice, not super sweet, and not plain.


and yes, no workout today. I guess you can say today was give-in-to-sugar day. Starting to get tired of this whole thing. But I’m not throwing in the towel yet.